The following is just a small sample of the types of events The Lane Group can coordinate for you. If you are interested in something that is not listed, please Contact Us.

Virtual Meetings

Bringing together remote presenters and attendees with our Virtual Meeting Services, providing face to face interaction with audio, video and presentation share through our webinar platforms.

Advisory Boards

Consult with business professionals and experts in your field to examine your company’s products & practices. Explore research data to gain insight into how to improve your production & increase your bottom line.

Sales Training

Strengthen your workforce by bringing together sales professionals with managers, trainers & educational speakers. Increase efficiency & productivity and raise your collective awareness of new tips, technologies & techniques.


Bring together employees from across the country to create a team environment, disseminate information, promote the exchange of ideas & knowledge and help your business strengthen its performance. Exchange views & information, ask questions, and interact in a public setting while focusing on creating a nurturing, educational atmosphere.

Off-Site Activities

Treat your clients or top earners to a relaxing, or challenging activities to celebrate their achievement and boost morale within the company.

  • Golf Outings
  • Cruises/Sailings
  • Guided Scavenger Hunts
  • Private Museum Tours
  • Personalized Cooking Classes with Renowned Chefs
  • Historic City/Park Tours
  • And Much More

Themed Receptions

Celebrate alongside your colleagues with a dinner in a world-class restaurant, banquet hall, or unique event space decked out with themed decor, personalized menus, entertainment & awards.

  • Performance Recognition
  • Employee Milestones/Service Anniversaries

Team Building Activities

Build stronger relationships within your workforce for more efficient decision making & increased productivity. Improve trust & communication on-site and watch it translate to increased performance in the field:

  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Charity Events
  • Corporate Olympics
  • Culinary Experiences
  • Rope Courses
  • Mind Puzzle Challenges

Product Launches

Position your product and build sales momentum with a successful product launch. Poise your sales team for a successful sales push, celebrate the results of the development and launch of an exciting new product.  

Outdoor Events 

Join The Lane Group and lace up your kicks for an opportunity outside the office that is inclusive, collaborative and fun!